10 most beautiful places you can visit in Iran in autumn

10 most beautiful places you can visit in Iran in autumn

Traveling isn’t just for summer and its long warm days. when fall arrives, a new chapter begins for many people who are into traveling especially in fall. People who want to enjoy fall’s fantastic weather or the variety of colors found in autumn. Some people like me don’t intend to go to places which are crowded, so they stick these not crowded seasons and travel then. In Iran, there are plenty of options you can choose from to travel to. Despite cities which are warm in fall and winter, southern cities, there are some cities that are just lovely to visit in fall, cities that are colorful and beautiful.

1- Exploring the deserts; Abozid Abad Desert

Whenever you hear desert in Iran, we immediately think of Maranjab or Mesr Desert, but we shouldn’t forget the fact that Iran is a country full of beautiful and fascinating deserts in its northern, southern, and western parts. Exploring deserts is a very popular type of traveling in Iran especially in fall. Because there aren’t any signs of the devastating hotness in summer or the freezing cold in winter.

Abozid Abad Desert

If you’re interested in exploring deserts, our suggestion is Abozid Abad Desert. Abozid Abad Desert, where people call it Boz Abad, has plenty palaces and fortresses with rich architecture. It has the same silence as any other desert, along with its rich architecture. It’s also close to “Safavi’s Inn”, Water storage and the underground city located in “Noosh Abad”, which is the oldest underground city in the world. Therefore, you will be able to visit them easily. The history of this city goes back to “Sasanian Era” in Iran, before Islam. Other deserts you can visit “Maranjab”, “Mesr” and “Matin abad”.

Abozid Abad Desert

2- Nayvand; 

Tabast To mention other places, you can visit in Iran in autumn, I have to say the “Nayband Village”. “Nayband Village” is similar to “Masooleh” — the buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected, courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets — that’s the reason it’s also called “Masooleh Desert”.


One of the best choices for traveling in the fall because of its untouched nature. If you are visiting Khorasan province, don’t forget to give this village a visit, it’s situated 225 KM south of “Tabas” at the foot of the mountain, with the view of “Loot Desert”. It is also the closest to “Dihok City”.


What makes “Nayband” differ from other villages is that it is green in the heart of the desert. With fruit gardens, wheat and barley farms located on top of one another like “Masooleh”.

3- Meybod; Yazd

You can experience all four seasons in “Meybod” in fall. In the mornings it’s like spring, summer at noon, in the evening it’s like fall itself, and cold like winter at night. It’s located 45Km away from “Yazd” and 10Km away from “Ardekan”. Legends say that history of “Meybod” belongs to Kyomars’ time, and if the “Narin” fortress, built by sun-dried blocks, doesn’t give you the motivation to visit there; “Kabootar Khane Tower”,


The great Inn and mosque of Meybod, “Abbasi” Inn, “Mehrjerd” fortress and the natural fridge of Meybod are other reasons to visit this magnificent land. There will be plenty of souvenirs such as potteries and small hand-made rugs to buy from. In addition, it’s full of fruit gardens, where in fall there a pomegranate festival is held.


4- Exploring jungles; from “NaharKhuran” to “Landwheel


Some same that fall is the best season for exploring jungles. Seeing colorful trees, walking on leaves, and smelling the scent of the rain hitting the grass and earth. Not imaginable, certainly dreamy.

To mention some places that you can live this dream I have to say:

“Naharkhuran” Jungle in Gorgan

“Asalem” Road to Khalkhal

“Elimestan” Jungle in Amol

“Landwheel” region that is full of waterfalls and colorful trees, which is located 15Km away from Astara

“Chamestan” Road to Noor, where you can visit the “Eliman” lake


5- “Ahar” Village; Tehran

Ahar village

Fall is beautiful in Tehran, too. There’s no need to go far to find amazing, colorful and fascinating places. “Ahar”, also called Ohar, is one of the most beautiful villages near Tehran, which is excellent for traveling to in fall. It’s situated on the road from Lashkarak to Fasham. Aside from its colorful nature, you have to know about the “Shekar Ab” waterfall. The fire-temple in the heights of the village dates back to Sasanian Era, is an absolutely essential place to visit when you’re there.

6- Yoosh

This suggestion of ours is not to a particular destination, but we’re suggesting to you to go to on the road from Yoosh to Noor. It takes you to a different world. A mountain road, asphalted, which takes you to Yoosh. The road is full of hills, valleys, houses with gable roofs.


Yoosh is located 105Km south from Amol. When you finally reach the destination, the fun doesn’t stop. You will be able to see Nima Yooshij’s house — Nimā Yushij, also called Nimā, born Ali Esfandiāri, was a contemporary Persian and Tabarian poet who started the She’r-e now also known as She’r-e Nimaa’i trend in Iran. He is considered as the father of modern Persian poetry— where you can see other natural places to visit like Yoosh river, fruit gardens and fountains. You won’t be needing more motives to travel here. Yoush is one of the best places to travel in Iran in autumn.


7- Where is Olsbalangah?

Our specialty is suggesting weird places, with weirder names. This place is located in the heights of “Masal” on the Khalkhal Road. Its name consists of two parts, Olsa and Balangah , which means an area in the heights where a special tree, Mamarz, grows. This area is full of wooden houses and lot of farms and fields, which makes it perfect for a 2-person trip. Also, the graveyard of one of Iran’s patriots is in this city — Mirza Kochak Khan Jangali, he was an early twentieth-century revolutionary, a Gilani Nationalist and the president of the Republic Of Gilan. He is considered a national hero in modern Iranian history.


Mirza Khuchik Khan and his loyal companion, Gaook was better known as Hoshang, were going to Khalkhal Mountains where they got stuck in the storm, and unfortunately lost their lives. Olsbalangah has situated 30 Km away from Masal. When you go there, you can warm up in one of the wooden houses there, cottages, and then when you open the back doors of these houses you can see the jungle in low heights, which paint a live magnificent photo for you.


8- Talab Kardkhurd; Mamen immigrating birds

This Talab which is also known as Agh Gol, is located 20Km away from Malayer and 1Km away from Kordkhurd. In fall it’s the destination of many birds who are traveling from Russia and Ghafghaz.

Talab Kardkhurd

It gets full from melting snow and the rivers which ran into it. It’s full especially in winter and fall, in the summer the water levels reduce.

The plants that grow in that area are really one of a kind and it is set near the Kot Mountain which adds to the beauty of it. The nutrition found in this Talab is the richest in the West of Iran and if you pay there a visit, you will be likely to see the 46 types of birds that travel there. Such as ducks, flamingos, and you may be able to see them all.

Talab Kardkhurd

9- Don’t miss Lavij’s hot water 

Lavij’s village is a beautiful village surrounded by mountains from Alborz mountain range, which has an untouchable nature around it. These mountains, in spring, are full of trees all over them. The view is like a painting. It relaxes you and all of your tension goes away. In fall all of those trees have millions of colors, which is like a festival of color.


If you ever visit this region, make sure to visit the hot water, which is located at the foot of the mountain. They have a lot of minerals inside them, so they’re perfect for joint problems, skin conditions, backache, or foot problems and most importantly magnificent for relaxing. From the sources, I can mention “Bibno” and “Shafal”, each of them has their own special features. In addition, they have well equipped with the suitable facilities such as showers, pools, and baths.


10- Travel to “Jandagh”

It’s a shame to miss the desert in fall. Our recommendation is not “Mesr” or “Maranjab”, it’s Jandagh.Jandagh is 350Km away from Isfahan. This city attracts a lot of astronomers each year because in the north of it we have the great desert, from the south we have the deserts surrounding Khor, in the west, you will see Jandagh Mountains, and in the east, we have Dasht Kavir.


The wildlife in Jandagh is amazing. You can experience camel riding there, plus you can see many different animals there namely. Goats, rabbits, different types of foxes, eagles, panthers, partridges, leopards, wolves and much more.

From there, if you’ve found this trip interesting, you can travel to other places such as Rig Jen desert which is close to Jandagh. Iranian call Rig Jen desert Iran’s Bermuda Triangle, so make sure that you won’t go there alone and you have company.

Jandagh castel



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