13 Bazaars and Malls of Tehran for best shopping – 2018 Updated

13 Bazaars and Malls of Tehran for best shopping

Bazaars are the best choice for shoppers because of the variety of goods and suitable prices offered, making it a unique attraction for visitors. There are many Bazaars and Malls in Tehran, centers for all the goods we require, and having knowledge of such locations allows for additional choices when shopping.
In this article, we will introduce a number of bazaars and malls of Tehran in this article and we hope you will find it useful.

1- Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar

We presume everybody in the city has visited this Bazaar. It is the central and oldest market of the capital and you can find every kind of products, goods, and appliances, including clothes, watches, gold, jewelry, appliances, and leather and so on. It is, therefore, a very important center for shopping for people as well as sellers, vendors, retailers, and wholesalers.
Grand Bazaar is most important of bazaars and malls of Tehran. It is located between Molavi Street in the south, Sirus (Mustafa Khomeini) Street in the east, Bozarjomehri (Panzdah-e- Khordad) Street in the North and Khayam Street in the west. At the junctions of the above streets, there are Mohammadiyeh Square, Molavi and Sirus Junctions.
Panzdahe-e-Khordad Square is outside the boundary of the market and fruit & Vegetable market. This market is one of the most important centers of trade and Commerce in Tehran.
Tehran Bazaar has historical buildings surrounding it, such as Imam Mosque, Jameh Mosque, etc., which are considered to be important historical and artistic centers within the city. Due to its very long history, it is considered as one of the most attractive tourist spots in the capital.

2- Tajrish Bazaar

Tajrish Bazaar, Tehran

Tajrish Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in the Shemiran area in the North of the capital. It is a very attractive market where a visitor can spend hours, browsing and shopping.
The market  is connected from one side to Tajrish square and from the other to Imamzadeh saleh (Shrine for Prayers) and the streets around this market has kept their traditional characteristics, where there are still tiles art with the names of the stores and shops hacked on and hanging above stores. The goods available at this market include food, in-season fruit, clothes, household appliances, etc.

3- Palladium Shopping Center

Palladium Shopping Center

The Palladium Shopping Center is one of the most luxurious Bazaars and malls of Tehran in the capital, located in the Zaferanieh area. It possesses a unique architectural design and tends to attract many visitors.
The building has a multi-sided facade with 11 floors above and six basement floors, consisting of 150 commercial units. There are many facilities within the very fashionable and well-built interior of the commercial complex, where you can find almost any brand.
The scenic and eye-catching interior do not allow visitors to leave quickly. Other facilities include a very pleasant and friendly sports and pool complex, where one can relax after a day of shopping. There are facilities for children such as special pushcarts and a playground.

4- Koroush Cultural and Commercial Center

Koroush Cultural and Commercial Center

The complex is located in the Northwestern part of the capital, which is considered a young and developing area, possessing features and conditions which have made it into an area where the people are more affluent compared to other areas.
The capacity and the potential for improvement of quality of life of Citizens and Investment in the area have been created with the above factors in mind. The complex is one of the most important cultural and commercial projects in the area, playing an important role in providing welfare for Citizens and access to facilities and cultural services.
The complex was built on 16,000 m2 of the foundation. The cultural activities include 12 multi-purpose halls, for concerts, theatres, and cinema with 3200 seats on the 3rd to 6th floors and have provided an exceptional prospect in the area as well as within Tehran.
Some features of the cultural complex include a multi-screen cinema, concerts and seminar halls possessing the most modern audio and visual equipment.
There is an international Restaurant on the 17th floor of the complex and a VIP area with an exclusive view of the Tehran’s scenery. On the second floor and opposite the children’s fun park there are six restaurants utilizing local and international brands in an area of 1600 m2.
Considering the extent of the complex and the need of suitable visitor rest areas, there are coffee shops on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th floors, and in the basement and 2nd sublevel of the complex.

5- Hyperstar Shopping Center

Tehran Hyper Star

Hyperstar is the largest, most modern and most exciting Iranian Hypermarket to date. The Majed Alfatim group established the complex in 1992 with the aim of merging shopping and entertainment and so creating a new concept of retailer ship, because the group understands that the customer requires something beyond shopping.
Travelling to other countries, one can experience the Carrefour Group of stores, which provide a wide range of products: food, sweets, clothing, audio and visual equipment, electrical equipment, gardening, cooking, picnic, stationery, all in one place. Hyperstar Shopping Center tries to do the same.
Within the complex, you can find many famous brands such as Benetton, Spirit, Adidas, Zara and etc. The food court has a variety of food including Asian and local. There is a play area/ fun park for children, as well as fast food stores and coffee shops.

6- Arg Shopping Center

Arg Shopping Center

The Center has a wide range of stores including gold and jewelry, perfume and aftershave, cosmetics collections, clothing, household appliances, electronics, areas for fun and amusement, a seminar hall (Khalij Fars Hall), services and parking lot, all according to expert and scientific international standards.
The mall is located in the most suitable part of Tajrish Square (North West corner) in Tehran. There are 5 floors, the stores range from 10-340 m2 in size and there are 5 parking sublevels.

7- Tandis Mall

Tandis Mall

Tandis Mall (Northern Star) is located on the north corner of Tajrish Square. The center possesses 177 units on 4 commercial Floors and 88 units on 5 administrative floors.
There are two large and luxurious restaurants within the center. Other facilities include 5 levels of parking, escalators, elevators, air conditioning, audio and security systems in order to ensure the best possible customer experience.

8- Vanak Shopping Center

Vanak Shopping Center

The Center is very well-known and popular, located in Kar-o-Tejarat Street, which is one of the most attractive streets of Tehran at night. The center has two floors and strongly recommended for ladies.
There are stores for ladies’ wear including uniforms, outing and party clothing, sports clothes, bags, shoes, men’s clothing, gold and jewelry, rhinestones, shoes and bags, watches, cosmetics and many other products, making it a one-stop shopping experience.

9- Golestan Commercial Center

Golestan Mall

Golestan Commercial Center is an old and pleasant building with unique architecture located at Shahrak Gharb. The open area Courtyard of the complex is usually crowded with visitors and in some cases enduring guests, which creates a crowded scene.

In addition to the very good stores, there are a number of cafes, a food court, etc. which have made Golestan Center a very popular mall.

10- Goldis Commercial and Administrative Complex

Goldis Commercial and Administrative Complex

Goldis tower was established in Tehran 13 years ago at Sadeghiyeh 2nd Square. It is at present one of the well-known centers in Tehran.
The complex has 330 commercial units on 13 floors, most of which are clothing, bag and shoe shops and stores, as well as about 220 active administrative units. This mall is outside “The Restricted Traffic Zone”, therefore tourists can use public transportation or the Metro to visit it.

11- Sepid Commercial Complex

Sepid Shopping Center

All syndicates have been represented including men’s women’s and children’s clothing, sports goods, gold, watch, crystal and glassware, cosmetics, health and hygiene, mobile phones, computer services, a book City, etc. with friendly services and a customer-oriented attitude.

The complex has three large restaurants as well as a food court for any family or luxury events.

12- Shoosh Bazaar

Shoosh Bazaar

When looking for specific tableware and dishware, crystal or glass, Shoosh market is a perfect choice. The bazaar’s glassware vendors extend across Shoosh Street and are one of the most important home appliance centers within the capital, where you can find every kind of crystal and Glassware at various prices.
There is so much variety in this bazaar that people of all taste can find what they are looking for. Apart from Crystal and Glassware, there are all types of large and small plastic goods, ceramics ware, etc.
Iranian and foreign brands are sold in the traditional and modern malls in this market and in some traditional areas of this bazaar, there are no escalators and the decorations are unimpressive.
On the other hand, the modern markets are so attractive that many people prefer to spend their shopping time there. If you intend to shop at such markets, remember that cheap or expensive does not mean good or bad quality and one can find quality goods at lower prices.

13- Naziabad 2nd Bazar

Naziabad 2nd Bazaar

Most people may not have heard of Naziabad 2nd Bazaar, but many believe that this is a serious rival for the Tehran Grand Bazaar.
As with the Tehran Grand Bazaar, this market is always buzzing and is comparable with many of the uptown markets in terms of design and quality of clothes. The market offers a complete range of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, as well as stores to buy baby & newborn clothing, shoes, large size clothing, etc.  to the general public.
Besides the range of clothing and choice this market is very economical and rivals the Grand Bazaar. Transport to the area is easily available or visitors can use “line 1” of the Underground/Metro to reach it from any part of Tehran.

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